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If you want to know more details about my work, don´t hesitate and get in touch. You can always check my personal Linkedin profile https://pt.linkedin.com/in/paulocristo
my personal Github repo https://github.com/uareurapid
my games portofolio http://pcdreamsapps.wixsite.com/pcdreamsgames

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The Packages

Web Development

Do you need a web application for your company? Something fancy that also adds real value to your business? Simplify internal processes? Ok, don´t worry! I have the perfect solution for your business. Pick any programming language or trending library or framework. Odds are that i have you covered anyway.

Mobile Development

I´m an expert in developing mobile apps, either native, web of hibrid apps for IOS and Android devices, to suit all our clients requirements. I´m always in search of the most advanced and trendy frameworks and techniques to achieve perfect quality products.

Blockchain Development

Yeah, that´s right. I trully believe blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be the next big revolution after the Internet. I´m already taking my first steps developing decentralized apps (DAPPS) with a special focus on Ethereum, Solidity, Web3, etc, but also keeping an eye on other chains like Cardano.

Game Development

I also have my own Independent Game Development studio. If you´re a publisher and you want to distribute our games get in touch with us. If you want me to develop a game for you drop me a line as well. But i´m telling you, gaming is a very tough industry.

My Brain For Hire

True. This is my biggest asset and is included by default in all packages. I´m a natural born "problem solver". Do you have an tech issue? I´ll find a way to solve it. 100% guaranteed! After all, they don´t call me "Jack of all trades" for nothing!

"Extra" Soft Skills Package

Yeah! You know these are in high demand too... Just get in touch with me and eventually you´ll find more about this too. Looking forward to talk with you soon!

Something more about the games

PC Dreams Software was previously focused on mobile games, but the market is getting extremely crowded and there is no more room for low budget projects, when there are a handful of companies that have taken control of the marketplaces, killing any chance of indie creativity to have success. That´s one of the reasons why during the year of 2016 we decided to shift the studio´s efforts to more heavy platforms and hardcore gamers. We are still focused in designing entertaining games with a tone of dark humour, but we are not building small games anymore. Eventually we could still release a game or two on the mobile stores, once in a while, but don´t count too much on it.

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